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  • After coming to Dr. Kulkarni's, I realised how pleasant life can be without pain. And the treatment itself couldn't have been better. - T.K.

  • I am a 65 old man and was suffering from post herpetic neuralgia, a dreaded and horrible condition following herpes zoster infection. The pain was burning and severe and my skin could not tolerate the touch of my shirt. Many many thanks to Dr Kulkarni for curing my pain with his epidural analgesia technique and gentle massage. - Suresh B.Pandit, Mumbai 68

  • The pain treatments that were provided to me for shoulder pain were themselves pain-free and very effective indeed. Thanks a lot! - S.K.

  • I was suffering from acute back pain due to a slipped disc, but the treatments and pain management methods that were offered meant that I am now able to live a pain-free life. Thankyou. - Vishwank Jagtap; Manager, Jet Airways

  • The ozone therapy was extremely good, I have to say, and my back pain, well, there is no pain! - R.P.

  • My neck pain has now disappeared completely, as if it were magic. But I know it's not magic, it's simply Dr. Kulkarni's! - P.L.

  • I am a 77 year old man and suffering from pain in lower back, buttocks and right lower leg since 6 months, due to spondyloliasthesis and nerve root compression. I was advised operation on my back to get rid of the pain. But, I refused it due to my old age and resorted to ozone therapy by Dr. Kulkarni. He gave me injections of ozone in to my L4/L5 and L5/S1 intervertebral discs and around affected nerve roots on two occasions. I am extremely happy and pain free now with ozone treatment. Many, many Thanks to Dr Kulkarni. - Gopal Bendre, Mumbai




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