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About Dr Kulkarni's Pain Clinic

Our Pain Management Clinic in Dahisar, Mumbai

At Dr. Kulkarni's, we provide and cater to a wide range of patients, with effective pain management methods. We specialise in back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain & cancer pain, although we can provide pain management for all major types of pain.

Our various methods of pain management include ozone therapy & percutaneous discectomy for back pain, as well as others.

Here at Dr. Kulkarni's, we offer the latest medical & surgical therapies to our patients, and ensure that you can live free of pain.

What We Do

  • Slipped Disc Pain - Percutaneous Discectomy is removal of disc material by imported special needle [ Disc Dekompressor] from slipped disc, relieving nerve root compression . Ozone therapy is putting Ozone gas, 5 ml after discetomy.
  • Both these procedures are regularly done now by me in various hospitals under C arm and under local anaesthesia.
  • Immediate pain relief from back pain and sciatica and discharge after 4 hours.
  • Facet Joint Pain - Facet joints are joints between two vertebrae on back side and cause vague pain in back and neck in area depending upon joint affected.
  • Regular Facet joint blocks are carried by local anae. + steroid + ozone gas to cause pain relief under C arm.
  • Radio-frequency denervation is carried out if required.
  • Failed Back Syndrome- Pain is many times because of epidural adhesions formed after spine surgery. I do epidural adhesiolysis by inserting Racz’s epidural catheter through sacral hiatus .
  • Radiculopathy- This is due to nerve root swelling by disc material and is treated by Trans-foraminal Epidural injection of steroid.
  • There are many blocks or procedures for Back pain, Cancer pain, Neuropathic pain, Ischemic pain and are carried out as per need.

    All of these are performed by:

    Dr Arun Kulkarni  M.D. , U.K. Trained Pain Specialist


    Dr. Arun Kulkarni
    Pain Management Clinic
    Near Dahisar Bridge[W]
    Near Vitthal Mandir [w]
    Dahisar [W], Mumbai 400 068




  • Email: contact@mumbaipainclinic.com

    Clinic Phone: +91 (0)99876 93663

    Other contact numbers:

    (0)98200 22217 / (0)9324363 363


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